Tuesday, November 24, 2009

D.C.: Poloshirt Capital of the World!!!

My earnest belief that I would maintain a real blog have failed. I believe that there are several reasons for this:

1. I have been lazy.
2. I have nothing to say.
C. I am not organized.

All of these reasons are lame and will shortly be corrected.

I have just arrived in D.C. to visit my father. This is a city populated by polo shirts. One half of the city ultimately wants to prove to you that, where ever you stand on whatever topic you choose, you are wrong. If you happen to agree with one of these upstanding citizens then your opinion is correct, however they way you expressed it is always woefully incorrect. The subtle nuances of rhetoric elude you, and you should let the experts express your opinion for you. The other half of the city is, of course, under the poverty line and there for undeserving of any of our attention at all. This is a city where people where suits like opinions and treat opinions like dietary restrictions. " Oh, we can't eat there. They serve Marxism there."

This is also a city that fantastically has no dialect, or rather it changes every block. This is not a community but rather a city of political hopefuls and there medicated footpads. The everyday people act as zoo animals. Things to watch, to study. "Hey dude I dare you to run up to that construction worker and touch his back. Just touch it. No really man, do it! I frickin' dare you man!DOUBLE DOG DARE YOU!"

I must now issue an apology.

If I sound cynical, I'm sorry. The city does have many wonderful things to offer...uhhhh. Trust me it does. I'm sure there's a blog about it somewhere.